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Free Multi Stopwatch

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Multi Stopwatch for the iPhone & iPod Touch

NEW Multi Stopwatch & Lap / Split Timer for iPhone

Tausendstern MultiStop is two independent stop watches in one, so it's ideal to time either individual events or a competition. Up to 99 laps per lane are supported. The generous display shows the number of completed laps, the previous five lap times and the cumulated time for each lane. Master start, stop and reset buttons for fast response are also available.

When both lanes are either stopped or have finished, the collected data of both lap and cumulated timings can be saved to a file with two taps of a button. Files can be viewed and deleted on the device.

In addition, this is the first application to feature our integrated TStar file server. A free desktop client (Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, see screenshot below) connects to the device via Bonjour and lets you transfer the collected data over wireless LAN to the desktop for further use *.

Click to download the free client. System requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" or higher.

The 3D model, animation of the buttons and rendering were created with modo 3.02.

Runs on: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch

Status: Current version is V1.0 - Available in the iTunes AppStore.

* For file transfer application must run on the device, device and desktop computer must have W-LAN enabled and be on the same subnet. The client can not be used to access files outside the application's sandbox. The client can not be used to transfer data to the device.

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